Monday, February 07, 2005

Looking In at the Look Out

The Tanjung Sapi lookout point... err... guys... the view's behind you. Posted by Hello

Tanjung Sapi - made it! Posted by Hello

There, the crevasse! Fill it, with your mighty juice (Wonderboy - Tenacious D) Posted by Hello

Heights! Not good. Posted by Hello

Somewhere along the trail

A hidden cave, maybe even a clandestine make out spot... but all we saw were Coke cans and water bottles. Posted by Hello

Tanjung Sapi... making our way. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 04, 2005

Trekking to Tanjung Sapi

Examining the trail-map at the beginning of our first 45 minute trail to Tg Sapi. Posted by Hello

The lone wader. Posted by Hello

At low tide, the boatmen are forced to drop their passengers off some 100 metres or so from the shore. So here we are wading in completely unprepared with our jeans and tracks hiked up to our crotches where possible. Posted by Hello


Our first glimpse of Mount Santubong.
According to one version of the legend, the mountain was formed when mythical Princess Santubong was speared by her jealous sister, Princess Sejinjang. Falling over, she gave the mountain its distinctive profile, like a pregnant belly. According to the other version of this story, the two princesses lived in the heavenly kingdom Kayangan. The Crown Prince fell in love with both of them, but they refused to be joint wives. The King of Kayangan banished the princesses to earth, where they became Gunung Santubong and the nearby Gunung Seijinjang. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Riverside Fashion Police

Flo-O life jackets are so IN darhling... those straw hats and wrap around scarves are sooooo passe! (From L-R: Sylvia, Jasmine, Gayle, Jeslyn... the great boat hunters - look, they caught one!) Posted by Hello

Bako... the journey begins

The trip to the Bako National Park, Sarawak begins at Pengkalan Bako... where travellers can hire their boats for the 30-minute river ride. Bookings for accommodation on park grounds should be made in Kuching itself if you want to avoid disappointment, or you could try your luck at the park Headquarters. While we were there, a couple were turned away as the place was full. It's RM40 by boat, 1 way. Posted by Hello

A Night Made for Witching

Ahhh, here's what I spoke about, the riverside at night. Calm black waters reflecting the hauntingly beautiful riverbanks... simply spectacular. Posted by Hello


Random Chinese travellers in front of a random house in Kuching... what's the meaning of it alllllll??????? *doink doink doink*
PS: Cinqo is a dice game that would probably sound rude in China.

Posted by Hello

Don't Blame The Witches

"... human laughter can be heard from a box containing several skulls..."
Signed R. Chimbul
For Div. Supt. of Police,
Sarawak Royal Malaysia Police Posted by Hello

Sunset Spectacular

The beautiful river view in Kuching... spectacular sunset Posted by Hello

Tinkly winkly dipsy doessies... i'm so fairy like on my toesies Posted by Hello

Not a good start... dying for a fag at the Penang airport Posted by Hello