Friday, July 23, 2010

RM5 Eyebrow Threading

What a bargain. To tweeze and trim brows at a conventional salon can cost upwards of fifteen bucks, but threading (eyebrow shaping using only thread, teeth and a skilled pair of hands) at this shop is just RM5.

Santhi One Stop bridal house is in Penang's Little India right next to the famous Sri Ananda Bahwan restaurant.

It's quickly done at just under five minutes and the result is a very neat, very clean brow.

They also do brazilian waxes here, with just a small difference. At the end when a beautician would normally attack stray hairs with pincers, instead out comes the roll of string clenched between teeth. And before u can say 'zomgwhatrudoingdownthere' you're done.

Does it hurt? Certainly. But its cheap and good, and well worth it.

Wanted! Supadog!

Aint she such a cutie?


A Master of Bullshit Arts?

My best friend has flown the coop and its time to really grab new opportunities by the *ahem*.  New friends, new hobbies, new places to visit and things to do.  I also have thoughts of maybe flying the coop myself and building a career in a different country.  Any decent company will want to see paper qualifications to support their application for a working permit I'm assuming.  So is an MBA worth getting at age 33?  I'd love to hear from 'mature' students who got their MBAs or another post-grad degree without first having... a degree.  Students who got in on experience.  I'm relying on career experience to see me through the entry requirement and I'm curious what my experience qualifies me for.