Friday, October 21, 2005


Bloody NeoMart was closed, kanasai tiu tiu tiu!

No lights, not even the customary “I GO TOILET BE BACK” sign!

Instead, I popped over to MPH and grabbed two gossipy magazines. So for my first post-exam treat:

▪ Brad Pitt begs Jan’s forgiveness
▪ Oprah betrays Stedman – builds secret island hideaway with galpal
▪ Kenny Chesney NOT gay but Renee dumps him anyway

Okay lah, so the mags added more meaning to my toilet time. But NeoMart better be open on Monday by 11.30am OR ELSE!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Exam Shazam!

Exam day tomorrow!
It feels like I’m about to be put on trial for something I have yet to commit.

I bet my underwear I’ll be having the SPM nightmare tonight too.

But it’s okay.  Know why?
Because tomorrow.  At 11.30am.
I will be at the Gurney Plaza RPG shop
rewarding myself with a set of RPG dice
for taking my first written exam
in 10 years.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wear The Leash, Hold The Leash

  1. Know Your Purpose
If you don’t, someone else could give you false purpose and manipulate you… to take over the world in their name.

  1. Use Your Gifts with Dicipline
If you can write well, write everyday and you’ll grow as a writer.  If you *ahem* well, I guess doing so everyday will make you a better *ahem-er* too.

  1. Reflect & Move Forward
Stop and take a look at your life.  It is what it is.  Look at your best options and make a choice.

  1. Serve Others
I’m not talking about being waitress here, shut up.  Look at the people around you eg your family / subordinates / etc, are they better off because of you?  

  1. Pull Up The Stakes
A fancy schmancy way of saying never give up.  There’s no such thing as failure, only things that get in the way of your success.  

  1. Listen Damnit
How does YOUR mind translate what you hear, into what you want to hear.  Read into what is said, what is not said, what they want to say but don’t know how to.

  1. Take Calculated Risks
It’s better to risk, than to live never succeeding and never failing.  It’s better to try being gay, than.. err… never mind.

  1. Stop Tolerating
Don’t put up with not having the quality of life you deserve.  I AM going to get that HELICOPTER.  It will be blue.  Like my shotgun.

  1. Be 100% Honest
With yourself first!  Then with others.  It may be difficult to be honest, without being aggressive.   *FWOAH difficult, sial*
  1. Make the Present Perfect
Live in the now – the choices you make that affect your life are happening NOW.  Not in the past.  Not in the future, which you try to predict based on the past.



‘Wooohoooo, darling! Give us a kiss!’ Obviously, Tony and husband were already at my Chee Seng home when ___ and I arrived. Thus summoned, I went straight to the Hall and gave dear Tony a tight squeeze and a peck on both cheeks, and the same for Peter. I hollered to ___ who had obviously chickened away to play with the dog for a bit… but not for long. *snigger*

We chatted for a bit about nothing much, Tony handing out his customary gift. He’s such a great gift-giver, always managing to find the perfect thing for me. This time round it was a shimmery lipstick palette encased within a slim case, like a CD-case. The outrageous colours were perfect for nights at the club!

Nan was her usual self, playing the Queen Mother. She gets that way when an English or European guest comes to visit. A trifle annoying, but it comes in handy. She’s ever the attentive host, even when the rest of the family is not in the mood for visitors. However this time round, the family was busy getting ready for dinner. Nan had already prepared, as she generally gets ready for a dinner party by 3 in the afternoon.

With a clang on the dinner gong, the household was summoned. Everyone gathered round the dinner table which had been extended by a mahjong table aka the Kid’s table. The kids (Ian, ___ and myself) sat there – close to the fridge containing ice-cubes and the liquor. The elders and the ancient had pride of place at the proper dining table.

I can’t remember now what dinner was, but I’m pretty sure Pork Pot Roast was involved, as it always is at family functions. Tender chunks of Pork that is cooked till soft, in a generous gravy of vinegar, soy sauce, oyster sauce and sugar, for about 2 hours.

Dinner was fun. The elders and the ancient carried on the main conversation, while Ian and I filled ___ in on the inside jokes and the backgrounds of various notorious family members.

There was Godpa who looks like Elvis and has a childlike sense of mischief, but who is also a successful Director of 2 Japanese run companies. He and his wife were not blessed with children of their own, but were Godparents to a whole neighbourhood of kids. His wife – my Mom’s best friend and my dear ‘Mama’ – was Trinidadian and sadly passed away at an early age due to complications from diabetes. True to her Trinidadian nature, she was fun, loving and totally outrageous.

There was Aunty Mo, a stalwart lady who loves the colour purple (purple clothes, purple watch, purple shoes) and is capable of drinking the rest of our family under the table… even though she now walks with a stick. A very tough lady but with an easygoing demeanour, Aunty Mo is always ready for a joke. “40 years of bliss and blisters,” she happily proclaimed at my parent’s anniversary once.

Tony is Aunty Mo’s eldest son and is thoroughly gay. He is slightly effeminate, very affectionate and with a totally infectious laugh. I always look forward to his trips to Penang and love him dearly. Peter, Tony’s beloved, I know little about but he comes across as a sweet and loving character. The two of them have been together for as long as I can remember.

Before long, dinner was over and the ‘kids’ were well sloshed. The topic of my new found gay-ness was never brought up, to ___'s delight. We all said our goodbyes and left for our respective homes, and that was the end. Anti-climax, no?



One post was about all I managed on Yahoo 360.  Sure it has loads of add-ons.  Sure it has all sorts of tools and categorized post sections that initially appealed to the control-freak in me.  But all in all (yes Mrs English 3  I’m starting a sentence with ‘but’), it only added to my confusion and complicated my life in ways I did not need.  

That wasn’t the only reason for my long absence from blogging though.  In part, I’d lost a desire to blog.  I had nothing new to say.  I was also dealing with some issues that I was not prepared to publicize on my blog, and for a while it consumed me.  

I’m back now though.  I’ve grown since I left, with new material to bring to my blog.  Superduperwooper.  Thanks also to Adeline, who gave me the last push I needed to return.   So in thanks, here’s the missing post you’ve been waiting for dear Ad…