Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Blue Text Diaries

Me : Penang is not big enuf for both of us


She : Did he text back?

Me : haha no

She : Guess he doesn't love you!
Am waiting... sigh.
Need to pee again, think I have bladder problem!

Me : Hold your breath, that might help.
You'd pass out of course and your pee will come out,
but then you'd be unconscious and won't be embarassed.


Me : Does my logic frighten you with its accuracy?


She : I have to say this... Ur a crazy bitch but I love u regardless.

Me : You a.l.w.a.y.s insist on making me cry! Whyyyyy? Love you too, pee wee

She : Do you miss me yet?

Me : By the way, these texts are being recorded on my blog
for customer service improvement purposes.
Answer = Yes.
Issue resolved by milk cow.
Is there anything else i can help you with?

*long silence*

*aja returns to office bearing choc croissants*

Me to Blue : Thank you for the croissants. Penang is always open to you.

Blue: My pleasure, enjoy. I come in love, not war.

Me to Blue: My eyes are brown.

Blue: OK, mine r blue. My arms r brown and my legs r white. Mental mon

Aja to Blue: She doesn't understand u.
i have to translate your texts. its not fair.
i don't want the competition. me or her.. Choose!


He has arrived.
He has survived.
I hope he has a backpack
and a butterfly knife.

This land. is not. big. enuf. for the both. of. us.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

PMS for Posterity

I'm being totally fucking ignored
Now what do I do, I'm so bored
With life creeping up my ass
and something that rhymes with ass

Aja, schmaja
You suck, maja

No u don't
I'm being silly
I'm just PMS'ing
Willy nilly