Friday, November 26, 2010


Here's the whinge I wrote to McDonald's.  I wonder if they will reply to me.

I usually order McDelivery.  And I think that your first greeting should not be "How may I help you," because quite frankly - I only call this number to order food delivery - and I've pressed all the buttons that have led me towards ordering food delivery - and having to say "I'd like to order food and have it delivered," seems like a waste of time and makes me feel like an idiot - not to mention, when I order takeaway as often as I do - it gets more and more annoying each time.

I know the routine - you may or may not confirm my tel no, then you confirm my address, then you take my order - along the way the customer service guy gets it right or wrong depending on how rushed he's feeling that day.  Why not just get right to business with, "May I take your order?" or "May I confirm your address for delivery?"  After all, I'm calling to order food and have it delivered asap not to have a friendly chat because I'm lonely. 

I've had the poor chap ask me what's my name and that's always awkward given that my name is not easy to pronounce for a number of Malaysians and I end up putting up with being called GAY or GAY-LER or GUY-LEE - so, that just adds a further annoyance.  You don't know me.  You don't want to be my friend nor do I want to be yours.  I just want food!

Ok.  That's all.  Forgive the ranting but I'm particularly exhausted after work today and that's what pushed me towards filling out a feedback form in the first place.  I hope this gives you some insight into what it's like for the customer sometimes when we are faced with inane questions like 'how may I help you,' when the answer should really be obvious after all the buttons you just made me press.  Next time, I'll try not to answer that question with, "You may scratch my belly please."

Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy 33 2Me!

For the first time in years, I did not plan a birthday party. Instead, I helped to plan a wedding (NO, NOT MINE!). In a way it was MUCH better... I got to celebrate my birthday and someone else got to pay for the band, food, ballroom and everything else! *evil grin*

Florence and Meng even kindly treated me to a portion of their bed so I could stay over!  Thanks guys!

 Mental snapshots…

  • Gayle emcees at Aaron & Becky's Wedding on Sat, 6 November 2010
  • False eyelash partially comes off on stage, flaps loosely over left eye. Apparently the glue couldn’t handle the weight of the eye-lash AND the lock of hair resting on it (due to new wavy hairdo)
  • Friend hijacks masking tape from banquet staff, adheres suspect named “Botz” to chair
  • Large friendly gentleman called Jobe experiments with aviation during dinner… Chopstick takes flight, hangs around near ceiling suspended by 3 helium balloons. Banqueting staff look on – calculate overtime for waiting on chopstick to descend later that night.
  • Man sucks helium then has mouth taped over… the Large Friendly Gentleman thought that might make him fart in a higher pitch; or float
  • Couple of what turns out to be adults codenamed Ronz and Eric Remedies, roll around confetti on the floor like it’s a pile of leaves in fall. Admirably, no one gets hurt or needs help getting up off the floor.
  • Styrofoam pillars belonging to hotel destroyed, used as weapons by groom and best man in a medieval Joust. Weatherman reports short, sharp showers of Styrofoam.
  • Flower bouquets destroyed in a game of “loves me, loves me not”; culprits later realize flowers were fake
  • Impersonator named Andrew Lambert gets picked up and hurled through air towards garter (also in mid-air) in impromptu rugby move by Clubhouse Boys... displaying unheard of agility, strength and coordination (at least for them).
  • Plenty of career-ending type photographs taken at night’s end which will not be shown here or on facebook
  • First official birthday meal past midnight was a Fillet o’Fish Medium Value Meal at McDonalds at 2ish am. False eyelashes still going strong.

And I didn’t even have to pay for the party! All in all, a very memorable way to turn 33. I was surrounded by family and dear friends!  Only a few close babes of mine were missing but presents a good reason to celebrate again eh?

Love you all. My 30's are turning out to be a really great time!

Friday, July 23, 2010

RM5 Eyebrow Threading

What a bargain. To tweeze and trim brows at a conventional salon can cost upwards of fifteen bucks, but threading (eyebrow shaping using only thread, teeth and a skilled pair of hands) at this shop is just RM5.

Santhi One Stop bridal house is in Penang's Little India right next to the famous Sri Ananda Bahwan restaurant.

It's quickly done at just under five minutes and the result is a very neat, very clean brow.

They also do brazilian waxes here, with just a small difference. At the end when a beautician would normally attack stray hairs with pincers, instead out comes the roll of string clenched between teeth. And before u can say 'zomgwhatrudoingdownthere' you're done.

Does it hurt? Certainly. But its cheap and good, and well worth it.

Wanted! Supadog!

Aint she such a cutie?


A Master of Bullshit Arts?

My best friend has flown the coop and its time to really grab new opportunities by the *ahem*.  New friends, new hobbies, new places to visit and things to do.  I also have thoughts of maybe flying the coop myself and building a career in a different country.  Any decent company will want to see paper qualifications to support their application for a working permit I'm assuming.  So is an MBA worth getting at age 33?  I'd love to hear from 'mature' students who got their MBAs or another post-grad degree without first having... a degree.  Students who got in on experience.  I'm relying on career experience to see me through the entry requirement and I'm curious what my experience qualifies me for.