Friday, June 06, 2008

Sucks To Be Jabba

I'm allergic to shellfish and some medications. My friends know this, but have never really seen me go through the 'transformation' from being a human being named Gayle to being Jabba.

Well, I am at Concepts today, just killing time until I have to pick Daniel up from the airport. While hanging out and playing around with Aaron's computer since he's on leave to go fishing with the boss, I found incriminating photographs in a folder entitled "Concepts Clowns Part 2".

The folder just screamed to be opened besides begging the questions... Am I an ex-clown? and Where is Part 1?

Among the photos I found were some named like this:
  • Balaclavatwat
  • Myanus audio
  • Pseudochink
  • Scratch
  • Wanker
  • Harsky and Starch
  • Do you think I doggy; and
  • Dumbasserist
And of course, as I had expected, I found "Jabba 1" and "Jabba 2". So, I certainly received the answer to my first question "am I an ex-Concepts clown?" The answer is a resounding 'yes'.

No doubt, cousin goblok Capes has been saving these photos to blackmail me. These pictures were taken in August 2007 at my desk in Concepts. CLICKY HERE for the post I wrote about what had happened to me that day.

Here I am about 15-20 minutes after I'd taken the painkiller.
I could still see & only let him take the photo because he was the only one in the office at the time and thus, my saviour.

Here I am about 15 minutes later. By this time my eyes had pretty much swollen shut and all I sensed was a flash of light that kinda told me my 'saviour' couldn't resist another photo opportunity. I was desperately trying to see out of the two slits that were now my eyes.

I is Jabba.