Friday, August 26, 2005

Student Life... a new blog

My life of a university student has just begun, and I'm bursting with tales of imbecilic young students who have not yet realised that I'm the resident makcik not to be tangled with.

After reading the 6-page lawyerly document about university rules and disciplinary boards, I've decided to keep a tight reign on my blog to prevent my expulsion.

I've moving my blog to the new Yahoo 360 blog site. A new blog site for a new chapter in my life, I think it apt. However, the blogsite is not for public viewing (because members of the discplinary board make up that public).

If you're a friend you should have no problem. If you're a fan of my past blog and would like to continue reading my new blog... well, I refrain from commenting on your twisted sense of entertainment. You need to get a life. In the meantime, leave a comment here or email me with your details (email etc) and I'll add you to my friends list.

This link here heads straight to my blog.