Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy 33 2Me!

For the first time in years, I did not plan a birthday party. Instead, I helped to plan a wedding (NO, NOT MINE!). In a way it was MUCH better... I got to celebrate my birthday and someone else got to pay for the band, food, ballroom and everything else! *evil grin*

Florence and Meng even kindly treated me to a portion of their bed so I could stay over!  Thanks guys!

 Mental snapshots…

  • Gayle emcees at Aaron & Becky's Wedding on Sat, 6 November 2010
  • False eyelash partially comes off on stage, flaps loosely over left eye. Apparently the glue couldn’t handle the weight of the eye-lash AND the lock of hair resting on it (due to new wavy hairdo)
  • Friend hijacks masking tape from banquet staff, adheres suspect named “Botz” to chair
  • Large friendly gentleman called Jobe experiments with aviation during dinner… Chopstick takes flight, hangs around near ceiling suspended by 3 helium balloons. Banqueting staff look on – calculate overtime for waiting on chopstick to descend later that night.
  • Man sucks helium then has mouth taped over… the Large Friendly Gentleman thought that might make him fart in a higher pitch; or float
  • Couple of what turns out to be adults codenamed Ronz and Eric Remedies, roll around confetti on the floor like it’s a pile of leaves in fall. Admirably, no one gets hurt or needs help getting up off the floor.
  • Styrofoam pillars belonging to hotel destroyed, used as weapons by groom and best man in a medieval Joust. Weatherman reports short, sharp showers of Styrofoam.
  • Flower bouquets destroyed in a game of “loves me, loves me not”; culprits later realize flowers were fake
  • Impersonator named Andrew Lambert gets picked up and hurled through air towards garter (also in mid-air) in impromptu rugby move by Clubhouse Boys... displaying unheard of agility, strength and coordination (at least for them).
  • Plenty of career-ending type photographs taken at night’s end which will not be shown here or on facebook
  • First official birthday meal past midnight was a Fillet o’Fish Medium Value Meal at McDonalds at 2ish am. False eyelashes still going strong.

And I didn’t even have to pay for the party! All in all, a very memorable way to turn 33. I was surrounded by family and dear friends!  Only a few close babes of mine were missing but presents a good reason to celebrate again eh?

Love you all. My 30's are turning out to be a really great time!


  1. It was a super fun night ok babe... omg.. 1 year from now, we are still going to laugh at it so loud!!! hahahhahha



    happy bday aa :)

    kekekeke !

    - Mogg

  3. womyn, yer fonts they not frenly to moi :P
    haha cheers,